Pharmaceutical distributor in Angola – Trusted service for a better life

Prince Farma is a well-integrated pharmaceutical company. Regarded as one of the best pharmaceutical companies leading the industry in Angola. We offer high-quality, and affordable pharmaceutical products. We have decades of experience in distribution, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Our producing partners are GMP, WHO, and ISO certified and some are also WHO prequalified world class quality products.

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one of the reputed

pharmaceuticals company in Angola

Good Reputation is something which cannot be bought with money or arranged with some sort of a quick trick, it has to be earned with years of hard work, providing trustworthy service each time and being kind to everyone. Prince Farma has always believed in this ideal and from its inception, it has always worked hard to achieve a good reputation. Today, after so many years of successful operations, we are very happy and proud to say that Prince Farma has become on of the most reputed company in Angola. This was not at all easy to achieve and definitely very difficult to maintain, but the satisfaction and motivation that we get from this is parallel to none other. And we will keep on working hard with utmost honesty to always getting better and better.


    Our company’s vision is to be the leading company that provides high quality, efficient medicines at the most affordable prices to all.


    We want to sincerely perform our societal and ethical responsibilities, and provide safe and excellent quality health care products.

our products

Many of our products are manufactured by our partner companies. Prince Farma has collaborated with many multinational companies which manufacture very high quality pharmaceutical products. We only work with WHO-GMP certified companies, EU-GMP certified companies and ISO standard companies manufacturing genuine medicines. Prince Farma also engages in the manufacturing of its own-brand’s healthcare products, specially designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of the populations of the several markets in which it performs. Our range of products includes generic as well as branded generic surgical products and hospital equipments.


Prince Farma is a leading pharmaceutical company in Angola and a trend setter in the pharmaceutical industry all across Africa. Our work is regularly featured in the news all across the nation. Kindly follow this section to get latest news and updates related to Prince Farma.

Our Distributor

Our distributers are the soul of our operations. They perform one of the most crucial tasks of making sure that the pharmaceutical products that we intend to supply all across Angola and other important markets always reach on time. Our distributers are the spine of all the supply chain operations of our company. Our supply chain consists of a big network of individuals, organizations, resources, activities and technologies which makes sure that everything required in the process is always delivered before time and in the best possible shape. To make sure that the process of product distribution goes on smoothly, we collaborate with renowned logistic firms that work as distributers to serve our customers in the best possible way and make sure that our deliveries are always on time.

careers With US

Career aspects are one of the most lucrative and satisfying at Prince Farma. The life at our office is a blend of work and fun for all our employees. The organization regards its employees as its treasured assets and provides a congenial workplace environment to help them learn, perform and grow. Working at Prince Farma gets you many great chances of getting ahead in your future. So, come and be a part of our enthusiastic team who is keen to face every challenge with positive mindset and work out creatively to serve our clients better. We are looking out for you to become a part of one of the best Angola pharmaceutical company.