Prince farma is ever growing during its journey and delivering the results. With its high efficiency and timely distribution has maintained high level of standards in the industry. During its journey from the time of establishment in 2005 has participated in many events. It has participated in the various events and in the Expo Pharma in the Angola marking its strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry in the Angola. Through our participation in the events help us to mark our journey to our clients and customers emerging as the leading pharmaceutical importers in Angola. With its presence in the Expo Pharma and other events it has helped the Prince Farma to build a explicit interest among its customers and clients. So, Stay connected to get the catch of our latest events and expos.

World Malaria Day – 25 April 2023

Expo Piaget Saúde – Benguela, Angola 2022

Medical Conference – Huambo, Angola 2021

Expo Pharma Angola – 2019

Expo Pharma Angola – 2015

Expo Pharma Angola – 2014

Expo Pharma Angola – 2013